The Arrows Tale

Act Three - Chapter Fourteen

Diamond Dust

Day 335 Continued…

The group teleports to the outer suburbs of Highmoon, inside an inn room. We take several minutes to catch our breath. Jøhn heals a very weak Ri, and then discusses the groups options for dealing with Knifey, Tharry and Tosscobble/Domac. He says we need a Cleric to save Tharry, and a Wizard with Stone to Flesh to save Knifey. We also realise that Eldon was not turned to stone, and still hangs at Knifey’s hip. Jøhn takes the sword and wears it for now.

We decide to help Tharry first, since he’s actually dead. Jøhn suggests we should reincarnate instead of raise dead or resurrect, the downside being that Tharry would likely become a new race. Storm speaks up and says she knows a druid that we could consult. Ri says that she would prefer if Tharry was raised not reincarnated, as she believes one’s race is an important part of one’s sense of self, and also points out that Tharry will lose his long elf lifetime if he returns as a non-elf. If we raise Tharry, we need diamond dust and an experienced Cleric, and we realise we have Japas, who may be able to cast that.

Ri sends a Sending message, a small illusionary to Japas, telling him to come to Highmoon if he can Raise Dead, as the party is in a dire situation.

In Liberation Keep, Gazadriel, Skagaros, Sindri and Japas are greeted by a divine light, from which a figure and voice appear. Christobal Zambrano greets Gazadriel, and apologises for his actions. He says he has returned to make amends, and then he infuses himself with Gazadriel’s sword, Tyr’s Mercy, causing it to shine with a magical light, which fades, leaving behind a powerful, holy and intelligent sword. Gazadriel decides not to rechristen the sword, deeming.

Japas then receives Ri’s sending, and prepares to leave immediately, sending a reply saying he is coming up and has the correct spell. He tells the other three too, and they all head north on carpets.

Ri and Dimble receive Japas’ replies, and then head out to look for diamonds, leaving Jøhn, Erak and Storm with the two bodies. They find a merchant in the markets. Ri and Dimble purchase 10,000gp worth of diamonds, and also purchase a Stone to Flesh scroll for 1,650gp. They return to the inn, and await the arrival of the rest of the Arrows. Dimble busks while he waits. Storm arranges with the Leaves of Learning to have us stay there, and to have Tharry’s body prepared in its own room. She also introduces Jøhn to the druid she mentioned, and then leaves, for other Harper work.

Day 338

The party from Liberation Keep arrives, and Ri sends another Sending so they know where we are. At the Leaves of Learning, Japas prepares a ritual, and after a minute of intense prayer, he raises Tharry.

Tharry’s eyes flutter open, and he looks around, astounded. He asks what happened, and Ri explains he was killed by Tosscobble. Ri asks what he experienced. Tharry can recall a vague sense of existence, but nothing more. [Tharry gets -4 every time he rolls a d20]. He is then handed a scroll, and pointed towards Knifey. He says he needs to learn the spell first, so they can use it in the future. He inscribes the spell in his book, and commits it to memory. Tharry then takes a four hour rest, and then rises in the evening.

Tharry stands in front of Knifey and casts the spell. The stone crackles, and flakes away from Knifey, who looks around in surprise and then leaps at Tharry in an enthusiastic embrace. Jøhn and Ri fill the party in on everything that has happened, including Jøhn’s suspicion that Domac is an alienist, and their concerns about a rogue or mind-controlled Tosscobble. We ask Japas about his possession again, and he recalls not being in control of his body, being given orders by a mysterious figure called the Lord of Chaos, he remembers the Necromancer, the half-Goblin Dragon that the party killed. We wonder if Tosscobble’s behaviour has anything to do with this Lord of Chaos.

We talk to the clerics at the Leaves of Learning about Domac. They explain he was always withdrawn and studious, not particularly social, but doggedly dedicated to his work. We tell them that we encountered him, alive, and covered in eldritch protrusions.

We discuss options, and Knifey reiterates his desire to accompany the Emperor’s army to the Shaar. To do that, we would have to be back in Calimport in about seventeen days. Tharry decides to buy a scroll of Teleport, so that we can all return on time. Tharry will be able to teleport himself and four others when he casts the spell, plus four more due to his orb’s amplification powers. He finds one for 1,125gp, and purchases it. We ask around town to see if anyone heard about what happened in Shadowdale, and we find out that the beast was defeated by the populace. We hear that thirty or so people died. We decide we should head back to Shadowdale. Tharry mentions that from what he saw of the rift, it was likely a pocket dimension closely aligned to the Far.

Day 339

The Arrows head out immediately to get to Shadowdale. We decide to use the fireplace passage again, so head back to the temple. We manage to sneak past the same elf guard, and make our way to the teleporting fireplace. The whole party goes through, and we walk the three and a half hours to Shadowdale. As we approach the tavern where we encountered Domac, Ri casts See Invisibility on Ri and Knifey. The party looks around for evidence of Domac or Tosscobble at the tavern, which is an absolute wreck at this point. Dimble and Japas ask around, and we find out that two small figures were seen heading into the rift, which then closed behind them. We decide there’s nothing more to learn at Shadowdale, and we head back to the Leaves of Learning, but they tell us we can’t track the portal as it was too long ago.

Ri realises that she can cast Locate Creature to find where Tosscobble is. We find that there are no Tosscobbles within one mile, not across running water. We decide to send some of the party back to Quivain using Tharry’s teleport spell. Gazadriel, Skagaros, Sindri, Jøhn and Balthazar will stay behind. Tharry teleports the party, and they arrive exactly where he intended, in the centre of Tharry’s portal room in Liberation Keep.

Knifey runs off to check if Nigel is still around, in case Tosscobble has returned for the weasel. He finds the room ransacked. Ri casts Locate Creature again, but cannot find Tosscobble. Anything Tosscobble might have valued has been taken. It’s also clear that the room wasn’t broken into. We ask around, and he was seen recently, two days ago. He was seen gathering his belongings, but didn’t really speak to anyone. He apparently visited the vault. Knifey investigates. Not much has been taken, most likely just some platinum coins. We come to the realisation that Domac worked in the vault of the Leaves of Learning where the Book of Vile Darkness was being kept. The guards at the gate apparently didn’t see Tosscobble leave, so we decide to investigate the library dimension.

First, we send a Sending to Derya Shahnaz Badem, the Emperor’s steward in Calimport: “Arrows are coming with important information regarding book of vile darkness tomorrow; contents likely compromised (can’t teleport today)”. We get an immediate reply: “I will inform his eminence. Rooms will be prepared. Palace warded enter via garden.” We tell the officials in the keep about Tosscobble and Domac, and the former’s ability to be invisible, and then we rest for the night.

Day 340

We wake in the morning and teleport the gardens in Calimport. The guards are surprised, but soon realise who we are. We are escorted to the antechamber, and after some time Badem comes and brings us to the Emperor. We explain the situation regarding Tosscobble and the Book of Vile Darkness. The Emperor is concerned, and we explain that Tosscobble may not be evil, but merely possessed. The Emperor says he will put out a warrant for his arrest, with a bounty on his head, to be captured alive.


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